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Robert Yellin
Yakimono Gallery
Ginkakuji-mae-cho 39,
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi,
Kyoto-fu, Japan

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  • "Kato"(Takahiko)has arrived safely. And what an eerie, mysterious, almost forbidding work it is! It seems as if it has a secret that may not be easy to solve. Perhaps it would be better this way. I just hope that familiarity won't dull the wonder I feel. Of all the non-traditional form artists I have seen at your e-gallery, Kato (Takahiko) impresses me the most. Thank you Mark



Robert Yellin

JAPANESE POTTERY SPECIALIST, Japanese Antique Dealer License #491040228600

Robert Yellin

Robert Yellin is the host of this eGallery and its sister site e-Yakimono.net (pottery knowledge center). Yellin has resided in Japan since 1984. He writes regularly on Japanese ceramics in numerous publications. For ten years he wrote columns for the Japan Times, the largest English newspaper in Japan. For archives of his stories, click here. He also writes for Daruma magazine, and was a former columnist for Honoho Geijutsu, a leading quarterly devoted to contemporary Japanese ceramics. His articles have also appeared in Asian Art Newspaper. Yellin is the author of Yakimono Sanka published by Kogei Shuppan, a book (in Japanese) about sake utensils that was recommended by the Japanese Library Association for inclusion into all public libraries. The English version of this book is available for online purchase.

Stories by Robert have also appeared in WINDS magazine and in Ceramics Art and Perception. Robert is a member of the Japan Ceramics Society (Nihon Toji Kyokai) and his articles have appeared in its monthly publication Tohsetsu.

Robert is available to give lectures and lead tours dealing with Japanese ceramics. He is likewise available to request commissioned work.

Robert Yellin’s Blog

Japanesepottery.com (this site) offers hundreds of ceramic pieces for online purchase, and its eStore Pages are updated almost daily. But if you want more, if you want regular updates on Japan's ceramic scene, please bookmark Yellin's Blog Page. It serves as Yellin's personal diary and photo dictionary. It allows site readers to travel along with Robert as he visits Japan's top artists and kilns or talks with up-and-coming potters.

Gallery Tour

Both this site and our sister site (e-yakimono.net) work out of the same gallery. I thought since not many of you can visit our gallery here in Kyoto, I'd post a few photos showing the displays we have. So much visual nourishment for the senses... do stop by if you're in this neck of the bamboo forest!

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